Recording of our seminar: Teachers’ digital literacy and professional development: a grounded theory investigation

There is a Panopto recording of our recent seminar facilitated by Lucy Atkins available here.

The session abstract is appended below and you can read more about Lucy’s work on her website.


In response to the increasing drive for the effective use of technology to support teaching and learning in compulsory education, my thesis presents a ground-up investigation of professional development for digital literacy that highlights the impact of four spheres of concern on individual teacher development. These four spheres are linked to the literature surrounding technology acceptance and engagement and are used to reframe a popular model of technology acceptance from a predictive model, to a supportive framework. This work is grounded in teacher professionalism within a neoliberal society, the state of professional development in the UK following the bonfire of the quangos and the role of digital literacy for the teaching professional.