December seminar: ‘Peace Education: Pedagogy and Interventionist Research’

Dr Rob Perry (Education Studies, HLS) will facilitate this workshop through active learning in HU 2.32 from 1-2.30pm on Wednesday 13 December 2017.

All are welcome. No booking required.

Peace Education is ‘about Peace and for Peace’. Peace Education relates to a variety of topics: Human Rights, Disarmament, Development, Environment, Multi-culturalism and Conflict Resolution…and seeks to understand context, background, causes and effects….it also seeks to make an intervention, to changes mind sets, to Educate in order to change.  In Northern Ireland (as elsewhere) I argue that ‘Peace Education’ requires ‘Integrated Education’. My research contains the views of Primary School and Secondary School Principals and Head teachers to ‘Peace Education’ in Northern Ireland.  I also sought via my research to encourage politicians in Northern Ireland, to consider and reflect on how historical events are commemorated in a post conflict society, and what bearing they have on reconciliation.