Universal Design for Learning (UDL) – with Technology

Rob Weale has written an extended blog post titled ‘Universal Design for Learning (UDL) – with Technology’ which explores the interface between digital technology and UDL. Rob outlines some of the challenges experienced by educators (in a Higher Education setting) in the implementation of UDL, and presents a mechanism which aims to broker an initial engagement between educators and the use of digital technologies specifically for UDL.

The article includes:

  • An overview of UDL, its initial emergence and the core principles which underpin it.
  • A focus on the interface and interplay between digital technology and UDL situated in localised curricular
  • How engaging with technology for UDL impacts on educational practice, and some particular challenges that this presents to educators
  • Presentation of an approach which looks to the three core principles of UDL as a mechanism to offer the educator a point of departure and framework for developing their learning environment in general, and for exploring where certain technologies and technology facilitated approaches can be used to implement UDL in the curriculum.

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Dr Rob Weale

RW2I have an academic and scholarly background in music technology (composition), and taught on the Undergraduate Music, Technology and Innovation programme at DMU for 10 years. I did postdoctoral research as part of the Music, Technology and Innovation Research Group, and as a senior research fellow in the Institute of Creative Technologies (both DMU). I am currently a member of the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology team at DMU, where I am pursing my interest in educational technologies.

Areas of interest: music technology, education, learning technology, digital arts, critical pedagogy

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