Dr Mark Pulsford

After working as a Primary school teacher, and before that as Research Director in a brand and advertising consultancy, I studied for a Master’s degree and then PhD in Education at the University of Sheffield. I am currently the Programme Leader for DMU’s MA in Education Practice and I also teach on the Undergraduate Education Studies degree. The focus of my teaching is the relationship between education policy, practice and cultures.MP

My research interests are around teacher identity, gender and inclusion – for example, the ways in which school practices, masculinities and ableism assemble in and through school communities. I also have a research interest in teaching as a career, in particular young people’s perceptions of teaching, prospective teachers’ experiences of applying for teacher education programmes, and how people who are ‘othered’ navigate this terrain.

I am Book Reviews Editor for the journal Power & Education, co-facilitator of the IEF’s ‘Neoliberalism and Primary Education’ special interest group, and part of the supervisory team for two PhD students in Education.