e-Learning SIG

The e-Learning Special Interest Group was formed in September 2017. The list of initial members below gives some background on their non-exhaustive list of research and innovation interests. If you are interested in joining this SIG, please contact Ruta Furmonaviciene

Our members and research interests

Dr Ruta Furmonaviciene, Senior Lecturer in Biomedical Science/Immunology (SIG Lead)

Email: rfurmonaviciene@dmu.ac.uk

I am currently lecturing on Biomedical/Medical Science UG and PG programmes in HLS; my interests also include UDL; personalisation in e-learning, note taking and revision notes; development of new e-courses and e-textbooks and e-learning aids, we well as:

  • technologies as they form ecosystems;
  • the impact (formative) of technological ecosystems on learning and revision;
  • institutionalisation of technologies;
  • tutor reflections on the learning process, through observation and survey;
  • diverse needs of different student cohorts, including level V students and those engaged in widening participation events and summer projects.

Mr Alex Stothard

Email: alex.stothard@dmu.ac.uk

I am teaching Interior Design in the Faculty of Arts, Design and Humanities; my pedagogic research focuses upon the role of and tools for note-taking; I have summarised my finding in a recent MA assignment paper on Educational Practice entitled ‘An Evaluation of the Potential Impact of Note Taking Applications for Interior Design Students’ (2017, DMU) and presented pilot data at DMU Teaching and Learning conference 2017.

Mrs Johanna Myddleton

Email: johanna.myddleton@dmu.ac.uk

I currently lecture on the Health, Wellbeing and Society Degree in HLS and my background is in cyberpsychology so I have a general interest in technology uses/ benefits/ problems. I’ve just completed my PGCertHE where I chose to focus on e-learning technologies, gamification and the potential to increase student engagement and this is something I’d like to explore further in the future.

I’m also interested in looking at the cost/benefit of using personal technology (mobile phones, ipads, laptops etc) in the classroom and its impact on learning, engagement, knowledge retention and overall academic performance.

Mrs Pip Cornelius

Email: PNoble@dmu.ac.uk

I teach on the speech and language therapy programme specifically phonetics, which is a practical skill based discipline. It is something students find challenging and is very time intensive as it is traditionally taught in small group tutorials, this gave me motivation to develop an e-learning tool some years ago.

I am interested in how students learn and what they find useful to support their learning with particular reference to the subjects I teach but I am also interested in using technology to manage diverse groups and reduce attainment gaps.

Ms Marilena Ioannou

Email: MIoannou@dmu.ac.uk

I am currently teaching on Biomedical and Physician Associate courses in HLS, my interests include development of new e-courses and laboratory resources online; I am exploring co-creation of novel e-learning resources based on professional laboratory skills for use in several modules (BIOM1009, BIOM2004 BIOM3005, BIOM5013, BIOM5012).

Mr Peter Chimkupete

Email: pchimkupete@dmu.ac.uk

I teach on Biomedical/Medical science UG and PG programmes; my interests include development of new e-courses and e-modules; I am exploring e-note co-creation and use for undergraduate and Master students in BIOM3011 and BIOM5015 modules.

Dr Dyneshia Johnson

Email: Dyneshia.johnson@dmu.ac.uk

Interests: developing e-learning modules and e-learning material for courses on entrepreneurship/ corporate entrepreneurship/ healthcare management/ healthcare entrepreneurship.

Dr Rob Weale

Email: rweale@dmu.ac.uk
Profile: http://rweale.our.dmu.ac.uk/

I am an education technologist in the Centre for Enhancing Learning through Technology at DMU – with an academic background. My interests include: all things eLearning, curriculum design and technology, scencario-based approaches to learning via technology, UDL, developing eLearning resources, critical pedagogy, co-creation, music technology and education, re-imagining education.