How to get involved

If you are interested in discussing the IEF, or how you might become involved, please contact either Richard Hall or Sarah Younie. The IEF is an open community of educational and pedagogical practice, which has seminar series, special interest groups and dissemination events, a mentoring strategy and support for writing, and that contributes to or leads institutional research projects.

The IEF Implementation Plan details our activities. If any of these are of interest, or if you wish to suggest others, please get in-touch.

The possibilities your involvement include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Membership of the Organising Committee.
  • Engagement with our education and pedagogic research journal, Gateway Papers, on the editorial board, as a reviewer, or as an author.
  • Attendance at our seminars, symposia, and other dissemination events.
  • Mentoring from IEF members, related to academic writing, publication, and impact and knowledge transfer/exchange.
  • Peer-support, for PhD students and staff related to writing, mid-writing, and career development in education/pedagogic research.
  • Acting as a mentor or giving peer-support to members of staff from across DMU.


  • All members of staff and registered students based at De Montfort University who support the IEF’s objectives and principles may be members.
  • Membership will be voluntary and members can join and leave at any time.
  • Membership of the IEF shall be fully inclusive irrespective of race, nationality, class, political views, religious opinion, gender, sexual orientation or disability.

Member Commitment

  • All Members agree to take an active interest in the operation and development of the IEF and its business.
  • The IEF shall support its Members by ensuring that meetings, events and activities are accessible and encourage participation.
  • As a self-help network, Members are strongly encouraged to play an active role as appropriate for their circumstances – this includes attending all-member meetings where possible and supporting IEF events, projects and activities.