If you would like either to be mentored or to be considered as a mentor, please contact Richard Hall or Sarah Younie, indicating your areas of expertise and the type of mentoring support you would like/can offer. Please let us know as much information about the following as possible. If the type of support you require is not found here, email us and we may be able to help.

Expertise required (mentee) or offered (mentor)

Career development

  • strategic advice for development related to pedagogic scholarship, innovation and research
  • advice for pedagogic or education research-related career development
  • support with scholarship and research-based promotion applications


  • Producing REF-able publications
  • Producing non-REF publications, like reports, blogs and so on
  • Advice on publication outlets
  • Producing teaching excellence publications/toolkits related to teaching quality, student outcomes and learning environment


  • Developing impact in research
  • Supporting knowledge transfer and exchange, including across education contexts and sectors
  • Building impact into research


  • Refereeing articles submitted for publication
  • Refereeing book proposals

Research methods

  • Teaching research methods at PG level
  • Methodological advice

Grant applications

  • Successful grant applications
  • Refereeing grant applications
  • Discussing and developing ideas for grant applications
  • Reviewing grant applications/research funding drafts

Research management

  • Project management
  • Collaborative research projects


  • Novel methods of dissemination
  • Reviewing drafts of work written for publication or presentation
  • Advice on disseminating scholarship and research findings

PhD students

  • Supervising PhD students to completion