Professor Richard Hall

I am the Co-Director of our Institute for Education Futures. Between 2002-16 I was Head of Enhancing Learning through Technology at DMU.

I am also a Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellow (awarded in 2009), and a Professor of Education and Technology (awarded in 2013 after being a Reader for three years). I am a Research Associate in the Centre for Computing and Social Responsibility at DMU.IMG_3718

My research interests include:

  • The idea of the University and radical alternatives to it
  • The University and the secular crisis of capitalism
  • Technology, pedagogy and critical social theory
  • Co-operative education and the place of co-operative practice in overcoming disruption in higher education, including peak oil and the impact of technology on climate change and energy sufficiency
  • Mass intellectuality

My DMU profile is at:

I write about life in higher education at:

I can be found on SKYPE/TWITTER/YouTube as hallymk1